Valve Gate Hot Runners

Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner System and Unitized Valve Gate System .

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DME introduced a new solution for molders challenged with maintaining a perfectly flat thermal profile: the new Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner System. The Zenith HRS provides better thermal heat profiles in the nozzle and tip – areas where uniform heat is needed to prevent drooling or stringing. In addition to improving the thermal profile for the new product, DME also focused on optimizing the supply chain and logistics to bring the system to customers more cost-effectively and with shorter lead times. DME Company is also expanding its comprehensive line of hot runner products and services with the launch of a new Unitized Valve Gate Hot Runner System – a high-precision system that comes pre-wired for fast, easy installation.  Benefits include improved part quality and part design flexibility, elimination of secondary trimming, with zero gate vestige on molded parts, minimum flow disturbance and better system reliability, with side-entry nozzle flow channel ensures. The new system is an ideal midway solution between a full hot half system with plates, with minimal set up that reduces labor in sequential filling and family mold applications.