Valve Gate Controller

mounted valve gate sequence controller.

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mounted valve gate sequence controller. It will be one of the products featured at NPE 2009 in Chicago, June 22-26 at Booth S36081.

The CV08 Valve Gate Controller is a compact and user friendly solution for accurate fill control of injection molded parts. It is ideal for balancing family molds and stack molds. The CV08 provides time based control of up to 8 pneumatic valve gate circuits. Units are available with up to 64 valve control zones. The controller is mounted directly on the mold to minimize setup time and to eliminate the risk of plumbing errors during mold setup. Conventional valve sequence controllers are bulky stand-alone units with air or hydraulic hoses connecting to the mold.

The plug-and-play CT05 touch screen interfaces with the CV08 controller for easy, hand held operation. The programming unit simplifies machine setup and can be detached during production. LED’s on the CV08 provide real-time visualization of the valve gate open or close position.

The CV08 is ideal for regular molding machines without sequential fill capability. The PLC allows operators to program the controller to their specific molding needs. Each control zone timer is programmed with a delay (from the start of injection). The nozzles for each control zone are graphically shown on the hand held CT05 touch screen display. The time from start of injection to end of packing (injection plus packing time) is entered into the Close Timer to switch all valves. Individual close times are also available.

The CV08 does not require special options from the molding machine other than a simple start signal for the injection cycle. The controller has an internal memory which stores numerous process program setups with an automatic mold identification.