4/20/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Vacuum Devices Introduce Speed and Prevent Clogging

Originally titled 'Vacuum Devices Introduce Speed and Prevent Clogging'
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Cumsa introduces two vacuum devices designed to reach the desired vacuum level faster and eliminate problems caused by gas clogging in molds.


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Cumsa introduces two vacuum devices, the Double Action Vacuumjet (VB) and the Smart Vacuumjet (SV). Both have been designed to create vacuum (-900 mbar) up to 60 L/min. and to eliminate molding problems caused by gas stuck in the mold. They also are designed to blow off the injection gases through the same channel, which cleans the vents to prevent clogging after every single cycle.

The VB model has a unique design that facilitates the addition of porous inserts and laminar vents that are conveniently located in the critical areas of the mold. It creates the vacuum during the injection process and, at the ejection of the molded part, blows off porous insert or laminar vents to clean through the same line. The device can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in combination with the company’s other existing vacuum devices.

The SV model is the automatic version, which contains an internal solenoid to control the opening and closing of the vacuum valve, allowing it to reach the desired vacuum level faster than only removing air through the ejector pins and the vents. The selector placed in the backside of the device permits the user to choose between four different vacuum levels which, when selected, will repeat for every cycle without continuous manipulation.


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