Unscrewing Device Alleviates Mold Unscrewing Difficulties

The Threadformer from Superior Die Set easily unscrews molds without compromising the part with a guaranteed precise thread start position.


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Superior Die Set Threadformer

Photo Credit: Superior Die Set

Superior Die Set’s Threadformer unscrewing devices alleviates the difficult task of unscrewing molds without compromising the part by rotating the core holder in and out of the mold via a compact, and powerful hydraulic motor. To guarantee a precise thread start position, the core holder runs against a fixed stop, which is typically the mold base.

Threadformer is well-suited for low-cavitation jobs, long thread depths, as well as a wide variety of thread pitches and thread types. The devices also comes in a right-angle unit for water cooling or upstanding cores. Precise, sturdy, reliable and cost-efficient, Superior says its unscrewing devices reduce production and labor costs.