Ultra-High-Performance Toolpath Engine


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Celeritive Technologies, Inc. (Cave Creek, AZ) has released VoluMill™ for Siemens NX™ CAM/CAM Express. The seamless integration of the VoluMill ultra high-performance toolpath engine with Siemens PLM software ideally complements the powerful finish milling capabilities of NX CAM.

Based on the powerful VoluMill 3.6 toolpath engine, VoluMill for Siemens NX CAM/CAM Express can reduce rough milling cycle times by 70 percent or more, according to the company, and more than quadruple tool life.

Additional features include fastest, most economical method of reducing rough-milling costs; highly efficient roughing for any part geometry, including cores, cavities, pockets, channels, and steps, with optional toolpath containment to limit the extent of cut; final step height option provides a secondary, shallower depth of cut, processed bottom-up, to leave small, manageable steps for semi-finishing or finishing tools—cut to near-net shape with the initial roughing tool; and Freeway Linking™ repositions the tool by lifting slightly off the floor and moving smoothly at high speed around obstacles, minimizing retracts to the clearance plane.