Ultra Hard Coatings


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PCS Co. has introduced UltraC™ coatings from Entegris, which are (diamond-like carbon) DLC coatings are ultra-hard, extremely smooth, highly lubricious coatings that are ideal for plastic injection mold components. UltraC™ Diamond and UltraC-HT will substantially enhance the durability of mold components, reduce friction, increase mold productivity, and reduce corrosion, the company states. The coatings are deposited using a low-temperature (<150°C) proprietary Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) process and can be uniformly deposited over large areas, on virtually all vacuum compatible substrates, including polymers, and is very conformal to the surface features.

The UltraC™ coatings can be applied to existing tool designs without the need for design changes and modifications. Entegris can also refurbish DLC coated parts, lowering the Cost of Ownership (COO) while maximizing the life of these high value critical components.

UltraC-HT is an innovative, multi-layer, fully dense coating based on UltraC hard carbon coating technology. This mono-dimensionally modulated (MDM) coating system, consisting of individual layers of the two materials differing in elastic modulus, has high strength, toughness and excellent resistance to erosion and wear.