9/11/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Two New Products: Velocity Control and Nozzle Design

Originally titled 'Nozzle Made for Molding in Tight Spaces'
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The DF 12 nozzle has a MultiPower heater, which Incoe says is suitable for the manufacturing of components in the automotive industry. Incoe’s SoftGate valve pin velocity control enables users to set required valve-opening time.

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Incoe Corporation says that its new DF 12 nozzle has a tight installation space, the option to obtain very long nozzles and an optimal temperature profile. Its reduced outer dimensions and simplified mold cut-out work with the design of the patented MultiPower heater. Through its mono-block construction, the heater offers thermal control over the entire length of the nozzle and for the injection molder. The heater provides processing conditions with only two heating zones that range up to 625 mm. Incoe says that the nozzle’s heater is easy-to-handle and to replace, and that it contains fully integrated heating wires and interchangeable thermocouples. The nozzle was designed for molding in tight spaces with gates deep in the mold where injecting occurs. For example, Incoe says the nozzles were designed for the back injection of natural fiber mats for the manufacturing of lightweight components for the automotive industry.

The SoftGate valve pin velocity control is a core product for process optimization for hot runner technology, according to Incoe. The SoftGate control enables the flow cross-section of the valve pin nozzles to release continuously, and it gives the user the ability to set the required valve-opening time. Incoe says that it also ensures gentle injection. Additionally, because of the control of melt flow during cascade injection molding, all changes in pressure and velocity of the melt that occur during the process are much better coordinated. Incoe says this results in a continuous melt stream in which an explosive injection is avoided. Incoe supplies SoftGate without additional control technology, and the product is easy to handle.


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