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At EMO in Hall 2, North Entrance, DMG Mori Seiki will unveil a new uniform design that demonstrates the company‘s consistently high quality standards. Visitors can experience the advantages of the new design on 15 high-tech machines, which excels through improved functionality, user-friendliness and value retention, the company notes.

The design features improved functionality for maximum view into the work area for greater control of the machining process and dismantling of the safety glass from the outside; value retention/long-life surfaces in a premium range for fine structure, resulting in greater scratch resistance and protection against damage.

Additionally, the CELOS features an ERGOline® Control with a 21.5-inch multi-touch screen and uniform interface; an adjustable display and keyboard for an ergonomic work position; and SMARTkey® for personalized operator authorization and customized access privileges to the control and machine.

In addition to all of the technical features, in the future users will also be able to select DMG and Mori Seiki machines from two machine designs in black or white—at no additional cost.

The company will also highlight 18 world premieres:

Turning Technology:

  • NLX2500/500: Perfect two-axis turning on 3.5 m² for short workpieces up to 500 mm | also with CELOS
  • NLX3000MC/1250: Precise high-performance turning and milling with BMT turret for turning lengths of up to 1,250 mm | also with CELOS
  • NLX4000BY/1500: Efficient complete machining of large workpiece up to 500 mm in diameter and 1,500 mm in length
  • CTX beta 2000 TC: Turn and Mill complete machining with the biggest Y-stroke of 300 mm in its class
  • CTV 315 linear: Vertical turning of large workpieces of up to 300 mm in length weighing 25 kg
  • SPRINT 65: Up to three turrets with three Y-axes and unique B-axis and Direct Drive technology


Milling Technology:

  • DMC 650 V: The new vertical machining center with a unique machine concept for more power and flexibility | also with CELOS
  • HSC 30 linear | HSC 70 linear: Highest precision and surface finish for tool and mold making applications | also with CELOS
  • DMU 80 P duoBLOCK®: The fourth-generation duoBLOCK® for 30% increased performance, precision and efficiency | also with CELOS
  • DMC 85 FD monoBLOCK®: Complete machining mill-turn with threefold pallet changer for maximum productivity
  • DIXI 270: High-end precision machining up to 12 t with a threefold improvement in volumetric accuracy
  • DMF 600 linear: Dynamic travelling column milling center with linear drives and 6-m X-travel for workpieces up to 10 t
  • i80L: Compact horizontal machining center for the serial production of engine components in the automotive industry
  • ULTRASONIC 30 linear: High contour accuracy as well as surface finishes of Ra < 0,1 micron in Advanced Materials



  • CTX 450 ecoline | CTX 650 ecoline: The new compact machines for chuck sizes of 250 mm and 400 mm with 3D control technology



  • UNO 20 I 40: Unique high-tech features for entry-level tool presetters

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