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Duratomic-coated turning grades

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Seco Tools (Troy, MI) offers two new Duratomic-coated turning grades—the TK1001 and TK2001—to the popular Duratomic family of turning and milling insert grades. Additionally, geometries and chipbreakers are available that are designed for the ISO K10-K20 range of cast materials, such as grey and ductile irons. Extremely reliable and versatile, these grades offer better wear resistance, allowing for higher cutting speeds and improved productivity.

Seco’s exclusive Duratomic technology is a process that creates a durable coating by uniquely arranging aluminum and oxygen atoms to provide increased toughness and abrasion resistance. The M5, a positive-lock chipbreaker for general turning, is ideal for medium and rough  machining applications, while the negative style FF2 chipbreaker is perfect for the fine finishing of general applications.

The MDT 2MM is exceptional for grooving, parting and profiling small and micro parts. It offers a cutting edge width of just 2 mm (0.078”), and the width is available in two new insert sizes, MDT19 and MDT28, where the numerical code indicates insert length.

Designed primarily for Swiss-style machine applications, MDT19 inserts feature compact sizes and are shaped to provide insert-indexing accessibility, even when space is restricted. With a longer reach, larger toolholders and broader product range, the MDT28 size offers solutions for general machining applications. MDT28 allows for parting off bars up to 2” in diameter, and both insert sizes feature much thinner widths than the existing 3 mm and 4 mm tools in the MDT product family, resulting in tremendous material savings when parting.

MDT 2MM inserts are available in multiple geometries. The FT- geometry provides strong performance for grooving and parting, while the FTR6 and FTL6 geometries were designed to reduce burring and center pips when parting off in more demanding applications.

To maximize applicability, MDT 2MM inserts are available in CP500 and CP600 grades. CP500 offers high-speed capability and applies to general grades with high wear resistance, while CP600 provides additional toughness for more difficult applications, such as interrupted cuts.

The versatile MF2 is a finishing and semi-finishing chipbreaker for steel and stainless steel applications. Featuring positive rake angles, the MF2 offers a free cutting action that makes it ideal for boring applications. It is also fully compatible with Seco’s Jetstream Tooling™ to ensure efficient chip removal and heat control. To maximize its full potential, the MF2 inserts are available in a wide variety of grades such as CP500, TM4000, TP1020, TP1030, TP1500, TP2500 and TP3500. In fact, the new TP1020 and TP1030 grades were engineered for superior surface finish generation.