Tunnel Gate Inserts Support Flexible Injection Mold Applications

i-mold’s TG Series range with curved feed channels give users nine different configurations.


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i-mold tunnel gate inserts.

Photo Credit: i-mold

Extension of i-mold’s tunnel gate insert TG Series range with curved feed channels further supports compact injection mold designs for diverse application tasks. 

Customers can choose between three sizes for shot weights up to 35 g (type I), 120 g (type 2) and 1000 g (type 3), as well as between three (low, medium, high) feed channel outlet levels. With these nine different configurations it is possible to optimize the sprue-to-molding volume ratio in applications involving large contour steps, moldings with a peripheral rim, or interior contours located above the mold parting line.

While the low-level (LL) models are particularly suited for gating below the parting surface, the high-level (HL) variety provides benefits in gating from the inside or above the parting line. Moldings with a small peripheral rim are the preferred application domain of medium-level (ML) types.