Tunnel Gate Inserts Provide Clean Part and Runner Separation

I-mold says it has two new inserts that save space and feature tightly curved runners for gating above and below the parting line.

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Tunnel gate inserts from i-mold GmbH & Co. KG are made for bottom (submarine) gating in cases where the upper or visible surface of the part cannot have blemishes from gate vestige. The inserts ensure unrestricted passage of the melt and that the molded part and the runner or gate are separated cleanly, either at the edge or on the underside of the part. It ensures this separation so that the upper, visible surface is completely free from gate vestiges.

The TGHL design (Tunnel Gate High Level) permits the internal gating of parts in the region of the parting line in cases where the parts have a rim all the way around or are ribbed close to the edge. The TGLL design (Tunnel Gate Low Level) is used for the gating of parts featuring an internal contour below the parting line. The tunnel gate inserts are suitable for the processing of most polymers. Like all i-mold tunnel gate inserts, the TGHL and TGLL versions are machined from HSS steel (M2/1.3343) and are exchangeable. DMS and PCS Company are both distributors of the i-mold gate inserts.