Tunnel Gate Inserts Designed for Large Contour Steps

Muesburger tunnel gate inserts save time and money along the entire production process from design to manufacturing.

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Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG has two new tunnel gate inserts suitable for large contour steps. The company says its tunnel gate inserts with a “banana-like” geometry are the ideal solution for hidden gate marks. Such a geometry enables plastic injection from the bottom of the component. Additionally, a clearly defined tear edge guarantees an exact tear of the sprue. Meusburger says that the high surface quality enables good flow properties and therefore the highest process safety during the injection molding process.

The geometry of the E 1693 and E 1694 tunnel gate inserts create additional fields of application. This geometry facilitates fast, easy manufacturing of tunnel gates with large contour steps. The E 1693 tunnel gate insert is for high-level contours. With the E 1693, the gating point of the molded part can be behind a step or fillet or above the split line face. The E 1694 tunnel gate insert is for low-level contours, and it enables gating below the split line face.