True 3D Color Printer


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Mcor Technologies Ltd. has a 3D printer with the most powerful color capability ever, the company states. Named after the goddess of the rainbow, the Mcor IRIS prints in more than one million hues simultaneously as it creates photo-realistic physical objects from 3D data.

High-fidelity color is critical for many organizations in manufacturing, education, architecture, military and health care that need product prototypes, architectural studies, three-dimensional maps and medical models to improve sales, marketing, communication, treatment and logistics.

While most “color” 3D printers print only a handful of colors—one at a time in solid patches—the IRIS delivers True Color, printing different hues simultaneously from a palette more than twice the size of its nearest competitor, including pure black.

Mcor takes its unique color capability a major step further by rendering color as rich, vibrant and complex as it appears on a computer screen, the company reports. That’s because the build material is paper, the original and natural medium for colored ink. The plaster employed by other 3D printers turns ink to mud, significantly altering intended hues.

Other factors in IRIS color quality include:

  • Mcor’s patented 3D color ink, which permeates the entire part, not just the surface.
  • Printability on all surfaces, including undercuts and side walls.
  • Consistent color from part to part.