Training Courses—Beaumont Technologies, Inc., Booth 629

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Beaumont will be highlighting its new training courses that were developed for the moldmaking community and several of its flagship products that are offered to the injection molding industry. Technologies such as MeltFlipper®, iMARC™ and SRC™ mold inserts, and Opti-Flo® hot runner solutions are essential to controlling shrink and warp, reducing time-to-market, minimizing cycle times in production, and reducing mold maintenance costs over the life of the mold, the company states.
Whether using single-cavity, multi-cavity or a family mold, all of Beaumont’s products and services are geared toward helping the moldmaking community provide tools that yield cost-effective, high quality plastic parts, according to the company.
Additionally, Dave Rose, Technical Sales Manager with Beaumont Technologies, will be presenting “Minimizing Plastic Shrink and Warp—from a Moldmaking Perspective”.An important part of qualifying a mold is being able to produce stable parts within dimensional specifications, from all the cavities in the mold, and within specified cycle times. Achieving this often requires several machining iterations that are not only costly, but increase time-to-market—not to mention threaten credibility with clients. Dave will discuss key principles of how plastics shrink and why they warp, the influence of the mold design (which goes well beyond cooling), and the value of technical training on this subject. Join Dave on Wednesday June 12th at 4 p.m.
Beaumont will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 629. Register today!