Toolholder Line


T.M. Smith Tool International (Mt. Clemens, MI) has developed a line of MQL toolholders for HSK, V-flange and straight tool shank designs. This MQL line includes all Shrinker® nose types as well as the majority of collet style toolholders. These toolholders drastically reduce the environmental and cost issues associated with the disposal of large quantities of used cutting oil, coolant and contaminated machined chips. The toolholders use a standard coolant pipe that fits into a threaded coolant nozzle that varies in length, depending on the length of the holder. The toolholder design requires an additional threaded hole in the confines of the holder to mount the nozzle. However, the coolant passage and the inner surfaces of the holder must be very smooth, because a typical MQL lubrication system utilizes a large volume of air with minimal droplets of oil that when atomized must pass freely so the mixture does not re-classify into droplets.