Temperature Control Units, Slide Retainers—Hasco, Booth 329

TempFlex Z976/… and Z977/…

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Hasco’s TempFlex Z976/… and Z977/… temperature control systems are designed to provide optimum temperature conditions for the manufacture of mold or spacer plates, including simultaneous conformal cooling. There is no deep-hole boring or plugging, nor high pressure drops due to 90-degree bends. The Z976/… is a metric version, and the Z977/… is a U.S. version. TempFlex is available as a nine-series system in three different lengths, and other lengths also can be supplied.
The flexible, metal-braided systems enable fast and simple assembly and interchangeability, and are adaptable to virtually any groove pattern. Existing molds with inadequate cooling performance can be easily optimized, the company says
Arcs and non-90-degree corners deflect the cooling, significantly reducing pressure losses while maintaining flow rates. The system also offers high-temperature resistance. The square hose cross-section offers optimum heat transfer to all mold plates. Corrosion in the cooling channels can be completely excluded, the company says.
Hasco also will display its Z1895/… slide retainer and Z1896/… slide retainer catch, which use a frictional and positive-locking connection to secure slide positions when molds are open. The DLC-coated functional elements offer holding forces of 3.4 to 9.2 kg, depending on the size, plus increased corrosion protection and lubricant-free production at service temperatures as high as 180°C. The compact design and catch construction enable optimum use with minimal build volumes, the company says. The slide retainer also can be easily replaced on the machine.
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