Synchronized Plate Actuated Valve Gate Hot Runners


Husky Injection Molding Systems (Milton, VT) has expanded its UltraSync™ family of synchronized plate actuated valve gate hot runners. To provide increased flexibility to molders, Husky now offers UltraSync in three options, including UltraSyncE (electric), UltraSyncH (hydraulic) or UltraSyncP (pneumatic). UltraSync technology offers repeatable shottoshot and parttopart consistency through precise stem control, helping to remove variation from the injection molding process. This makes UltraSync suited for particularly demanding applications, such as those in the medical industry.

UltraSync precision is achieved by using either an electric servo motor, hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder option that moves the valve stems with 100% synchronization. This variety allows customers to effectively tailor UltraSync to their specific application needs, ensuring consistent functionality, process control and cavitytocavity repeatability.

UltraSync allows molders to achieve tighter pitch, which means more parts produced within a smaller space, and all options are configured to provide high stem force for excellent gate quality. UltraSync technology is also cleanroom compatible and is suited for particularly demanding applications such as medical. If the electric servo motor is used, the setup screen is conveniently integrated into a Husky Altanium temperature controller.