Swivel Eyebolt Rotates to Load Lift, Preventing Load Damage

Rud Chain Inc., amerimold 2014 Booth 423

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An alternative to unsafe rigid-style eyebolts, Rud Chain’s (Booth 423) StarPoint swivels to the direction of the load lift and allows full-engagement of the bolt, ensuring that the working load limit is always at the direction of the load and preventing damage to the load. This swivel eyebolt rotates 360 degrees. It is made from forged 1.6541 alloy, quenched and tempered, and features a florescent pink powder coating that changes color when temperatures exceed 200°C.

The company’s PowerPoint-Star universal connection uses eye hooks for ring assemblies, round slings, wire ropes and hook assemblies. The robust pink hook can pivot in any direction, enabling all common sling types to be quickly and safely attached without additional hardware, such as shackles. This design allows for jerk-free turning and prevents the lifting points as well as the load from being damaged. The double ballbearing guarantees that the connection can be turned in a 90-degree position from the bolt center line even under a full load.

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