Status Display for Magnetic Chucks

MAGNOS magnetic chucks

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Operators will now be able to quickly see whether the MAGNOS magnetic chucks from SCHUNK are activated or not. All of the new square pole chucks will now be offered with an optional permanent display that informs the operator of the clamping status of the magnetic chuck. The display is completely independent from the main energy supply. The magnetic chuck is fixed to the machine table, and then connected by a sealed quick release connector to the control unit.  As soon as it is activated, the indicator of the permanent status display changes to green. The display works independently from the power supply, and will be visible even if the power cable has been disconnected after activation of the permanent magnet. With the MAGNOS square pole plates, workpieces can be quickly clamped and are machined in one set-up from five sides.  If moveable pole extensions are used, a deformation free set-up is possible.