Standardized Z-Series Locks


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Progressive Components has now established its Z-Series Alignment Locks as its new standard, replacing its popular “black and gold” series locks that set an industry standard nearly a quarter of a century ago.

The Z-Series locks have been engineered to outperform other styles using extensive and rigorous independent testing. Prior to their introduction at NPE 2012 they had been tested and proven to show no wear even after two million cycles. This is significant, since others would fail often after only 40,000 cycles, leading to mold damage and downtime.

Progressive credits this industry-leading performance level to a combination of engagement geometry and particulate capturing, as well as materials and treatments, the company states. Longevity of a mold’s alignment locks is critical, as the component protects the mold’s core inserts from damage and potential part rejects due to flash. The patented locks provide a significant increase in longevity with more accurate application guidelines for the designer.

Testing data shows that proper use of the Z-Series locks will reduce or eliminate unscheduled mold stoppages due to alignment issues, the company adds.  In addition, the time spent on research, testing and product improvement will benefit the entire industry by keeping molds running at longer intervals between large scale maintenance and repair.