Standardized Tooling Kit


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To help minimize costs associated with new product development, Progressive Components (Wauconda, IL) has released the ProtoBridge™ standardized tooling kit. The pre-engineered ProtoBridge system is designed specifically for closure manufacturing. The design is flexible and can be used for applications with the DT Series Collapsible Core, as well as jump thread designs. It offers the ability to be converted from one part design to another while the mold is still in the press.

Two options are available for implementation:

•    ProtoBridge Rental—ProtoBridge kits are available to be rented and used for a specific product development or sampling need. Only the DT Cores and cavity blocks need be purchased, with a company’s mold builder supplying the cavity detail machining.
•    ProtoBridge Purchase—Owning a ProtoBridge tool gives ongoing flexibility in product development. Test up to four different designs at once, or advance one cavity, then later add three more cavities for use as a “bridge mold” for early production runs.

It’s a complete solution for tooling engineers that are looking for ways to minimize costs associated with all phases of product development.