Stainless Steel Mold Bases with Faster Delivery Times

Stainless Steel Mold Bases

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Customers with complex, exacting mold requirements can now order a DME stainless steel mold base in any configuration. Ideal for applications such as clean rooms, corrosive plastics and high-humidity environments, mold bases made with DME #7 stainless steel will not rust or corrode, dramatically increasing the longevity of the mold, according to the company.

Plates, components and other mold base needs also are available in stainless steel when the application requires. DME is responding to a strong demand from molders everywhere for a durable mold base option from top to bottom that features a short lead time. The mold bases are available with an average leadtime of five days for features that include: three-piece housing, return pins, locating ring, sprue bushing and ejector housing cover.

Ideally suited for food, medical and packaging applications, stainless steel mold bases are available in all 43 length and width combinations by DME in its “A” or “B” series mold base programs, with cavity plates up to 2.875” thick. DME #7 stainless steel is a modified AISI 400 or equivalent series stainless steel for holder block applications. It is supplied pre-heat treated to 32-36 HRC (302-340 Bhn).

Other optional features are also available, including: guided ejection (two or four places); vented leader pins; support pillars; safety strap and lift holes; pry bar slots;  press knock-outs; rough cavity or core pocket; blind or through (min. 1/2-inch radius); and add, omit or relocate return pins, assembly screws, ejector assembly screws, leader pins and bushings, center holes and stop pins.