Stack Mold Centering Devices


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DME Company’s Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device product line—the HG48-2000—saves time and money in production with interchangeable housings and assemblies that simplify the design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of stack molds. The Helical Gear provides equal and synchronized parting line openings for two- or four-level stack molds. The devices work on standard, spin-stack and other types of stack molds.

Measurements for the new HG48-2000 are as follows: 48mm nominal outside diameter of helical gear; 2000mm (78.74”) standard maximum length of assembly; and 800mm (31.49”) standard maximum parting line opening per side.

The devices contain a double-helical gear shaft with a left-hand thread on one end, a right-hand thread on the other and two mating nuts that fit on the corresponding threads. The gear shaft is retained by a pair of tapered roller bearings in the bearing housings, and the nuts are held in the nut housings.

Since a stack mold usually needs two or four assemblies to operate, the devices are adjustable to compensate for differences between the moving and stationary side stack heights.

Additional benefits of the new DME HG48-2000 Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device include: lightweight aircraft aluminum housing; brass nuts to support high loads; taper roller bearings to provide rotational stability of the helical gear in the center portion; easy installation provided by alignment rods; easy adjustability to accommodate asymmetric arrangements; easy maintenance enabled by bearing housing with grease fittings; small footprint; and eye bolts that allow lifting from three directions.