Specialized CAD/CAM Improves Roughing

According to Vero Software, Waveform strategy improves standard roughing technologies because it consistently removes material and extends the life of the tool and machine service.

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WorkNC by Vero Software has launched the latest version of WorkNC, a specialized CAD/CAM solution for two- to five- axis machining. WorkNC 2017R2 takes advantage of the latest improvements made to the Vero Software Waveform Roughing strategy.

Waveform strategy is said to be faster and safer. According to Vero Software, Waveform strategy improves standard roughing technologies because it consistently removes material and increases tool and machine life at the same time.

WorkNC 2017R2 takes further advantage of Waveform Roughing reducing machining times and improving cutting conditions. Toolpath optimization is achieved by considering tool load during intermediate Z-step calculations.

One option enables users to force the initial lead-in and the final lead-out to a secure point above the stock in case there is a difference between the virtual stock and the real stock on the machine. The Parallel Finishing toolpath makes use of the Advanced Toolform technology, which is said to offer efficient high-feed cutter management. Toolpath calculations are based on the real shape of the cutter, which ensures optimal surface quality and reduces machining times by as much as 80 percent. The Die Flats Finishing toolpath now features an option that enables radial stepovers to ensure a fluid trajectory and the elimination of sharp angles.

The CAD module has also been improved in 2017R2. Now all machining preparation operations (part, machining set-up and clamping systems) can be carried out in the CAD module. When creating a workzone, the complete assembly is exported into the machining context at the same time as the part itself. It's no longer required to reposition assemblies with respect to the part.

In 2017R2, WorkNC automates and simplifies the machining sequence process, giving step-by-step assistance during toolpath programming. The machining sequence process now informs the user of any missing data in the workzone, such as views, curves and point, which enables users to make last-minute corrections.


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