Special Seals Give Cooling System Durable High-Temperature Stability

The Hasco HT cooling system uses connecting couplings with a shut-off valve to resist higher temperatures.

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HASCO America, Inc. offers a reworked cooling system that can withstand long-term service temperatures ranging to 250°C, depending on the medium employed. A special sealing element makes this possible which, in contrast to conventional sealing rings, has the requisite long-term heat stability.

The HT range supplements Hasco's standard range. All the cooling elements bearing the letters "HT" at the end of their designation contain the new sealing elements as standard. As part of this development project, Hasco reviewed and refined the throughput of the couplings. Hasco says it’s possible to increase throughput by up to 10 percent. The cooling system resists a higher temperature and offers more effective cooling by using connecting couplings with a shut-off valve.