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MachineWorks Ltd. (South Hackensack, NJ) offers Polygonica, a polygonal solid modeling toolkit for carrying out a wide range of geometrical operations on 3-D polygonal solid geometry and 2-D profile geometry.

The toolkit is new but the code has been at the core of MachineWorks software toolkit for  machining simulation and has been continuously improved over 16 years.

Typical uses of Polygonica are within industries such as CAD/CAM/CAE, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3-D printing and other 3-D digital applications.

Polygonica’s capabilities include: Boolean operations, automatic solid healing, self-intersection fixing, geometry simplification, and slicing and other geometric operations.

MachineWorks wants to share its wide experience of providing APIsto solve complex polygonal solid modeling problems in a diverse number of industries facing common challenges when handling defectivemodels and vast numbers of polygons.