Solid Carbide Thread Formers

HSC thread former

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Walter USA, LLC has introduced the Walter Prototyp Protodyn® HSC thread former, a solid carbide tool engineered to boost thread forming cutting speed, productivity and tool life. The Protodyn® HSC provides a thread production process that creates no chips, bird nesting, or chip removal problems, yielding a high level of process reliability even for deep hole and through hole threads. It also has a  new micrograin carbide substrate that promotes both superior toughness and wear resistance. This substrate is mated with a hard multilayer TiCN coating that helps make the Protodyn® suitable for use in all formable materials, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials with an Si-content of less than 12 percent.

The innovative geometry of the Protodyn® HSC also provides additional benefits. It possesses a shank tolerance h6 for use in shrink-fit chucks, and its optimized polygonal form reduces friction and increases tool life, leading to fewer tool changes and an attractive price/performance ratio. Its new chamfer geometry promotes uniform wear. For deeper than normal threads – up to 4xD – the Protodyn® (S) HSC version of this new generation solid carbide thread former features axial internal coolant, with cutting speeds that are twice as high as an HSS thread former.

Finally, a another key advantage is that their formed threads’ high level of tensile strength, due to cold work hardening of the flanks and profile, yields tough, high quality threads.