Solid Carbide Five-Flute End Mills Target Dynamic Milling

The Dormer Pramet S7 assortment cover a wide range of operations in a variety of steels, cast irons and difficult-to-machine materials.


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Dormer Pramet S7 assortment of solide carbide five-flute endmills.

Photo Credit: Dormer Pramet

Dormer Pramet has launched a new generation of solid carbide five-flute end mills, which target dynamic milling for general machining and die & mold applications. Dormer’s S7 assortment is said to cover a wide range of operations in a variety of steels, cast irons and difficult-to-machine materials, including stainless steels and super alloys. ​

Latest additions, S770HB, S771HB, S772HB and S773HB, offer increased feed rates up to 25% when compared with four-flute cutters. All feature a positive rake angle for smooth cutting action and to reduce the risk of work-hardening. 

An AlCrN coating provides thermal stability, reduced friction, excellent wear resistance and prolonged durability, while a small corner radius and cutting-edge design enables stable performance and prolonged tool life. 

The S771HB and S773HB cutters are suitable for narrow pocketing, trochoidal slotting and profiling applications. These end mills include a chip divider to break swarf into manageable smaller pieces, reducing spindle load and increase metal removal rates for a 50% larger width of cut compared to tools without a chip divider. Further, a neck recess is said to help avoid contact with the wall in shoulder operations, while through coolant improves welding resistance and enables a wide range of processes, especially for difficult-to-machine materials. 

Dormer says the S770HB and S772HB are more suitable for profiling, trochoidal slotting and semi-finishing applications, offering maximum productivity with optimal metal removal rate and reduced machining time.

Three multi-application high-performance four-flute cutters, S722HB, S765HB and S768, have been added to the S7 range and can be used on both CNC and conventional machine tools. They are said to support common operations, such as slotting, plunging, contour milling, ramping and copy milling in various materials, including medium-strength steels, stainless steels and super alloys.  

According to Dormer Pramet, these cutters have a specific tooth design for improved chip evacuation. The AlCrN and titanium silicon nitride (TiSiN) coatings aid in longer tool life, higher cutting speeds and increased heat resistance, making them ideal for dry machining.

Finally, a new solid carbide cutter for hardened steel above 49HRC has been added to this range. The S561 is specifically for high-performance milling in a variety of applications, including die & mold machining. This four-flute end mill features a specific tooth design for improved chip evacuation. A sharp cutter for hardened steel (52-70HRC), the S561 offers excellent surface finishing, while a gash land to improve strength and chipping resistance.