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Software Update Offers Extended Range of Functions

Originally titled 'Software Update Offers Extended Range of Functions '
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Version 11 of Simcon Kunstofftechnische Software GmbH’s Cadmould simulation software offers an extended range of functions.

Version 11 of Simcon Kunstofftechnische Software GmbH’s Cadmould simulation software offers an extended range of functions. This update includes the T-Box add-on, which calculates and configures a mold’s temperature profile, thus shortening the design phase especially in the case of complex geometries. With the add-on, an injection mold can be read into the simulation software either as a rough sketch or as a finished design, even with many parameters, such as heating/cooling channels, the gate, parting surfaces and inserts for multicomponent molds in a range of materials. The software compiles a high-precision 3D simulation of the temperature profiles from the data totality, automatically making allowances for the use of standard components. Users can vary these parameters directly within the simulation software, evaluate their impact on the simulation and configure the best solution.

With the update, the simulation of the reaction injection molding (RIM) process is fully integrated into the software, enabling multicomponent injection molding processes to be simulated. The advantages that the current combined production processes offer can benefit manufacturers in terms of quality and cost efficiency. This includes in-mold coating where the injection molding and coating are performed in a two-stage process step in one and the same mold.

To evaluate the software’s simulation data, the company offers a further option, in addition to a display on the monitor. With the Unwarp module, users can feel and hold the simulation results. To achieve this, the values determined for warpage, shrinkage and, as a new function, the thickness shrinkage at sink marks export to a 3D printer. The component can be evaluated haptically, right at the development stage.



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