Software Package Programs Boost Mold Design Efficiency

Top Solid/Missler Software Inc. offers several software package programs.


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Top Solid/Missler Software Inc. offers several software package programs. TopSolid’Split enables more precise control of automatic parting surfaces creation. Certain irrelevant surfaces can be excluded to save time when designing parting lines, boosting efficiency.

TopSolid’Mold enables process modification of several components. It increases productivity by reducing time to make changes because of the multiple modification of parameters, such as modifying hole clearances of several screws processes in a single action. This software features a new function to place injection gates. Management of the types of gates, calculation of the injection section, and specific wizard are tools to shorten the injection circuit design cycle and cut design times. It also provides dynamic collision detection, so users can directly view parts in collision during the circuit design phase, minimizing the risk of error.

TopSolid’Electrode automatically removes the surfaces eroded by each electrode to send a simplified part to TopSolid’Cam for machining. This function makes production engineering work easier and speeds up the production of cavity blocks in an integrated environment when using TopSolid’Mold, TopSolid’Electrode and TopSolid’Cam.


Top Solid/Missler Software Inc.

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