Software Has New Feature for Increased User Convenience

Enhancements to ZW3D 2018 CAD CAM Software include a 3D CAD library, a layer manager and 3D annotation tools.


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Creative CNC LLC is a VAR for ZW3D CAD CAM software. Enhancements to ZW3D 2018 CAD CAM Software are now available. The 2018 Layer Manager provides a new "Category" attribute so users can group layers, facilitating more interaction between the manager and entities inside the graphics area. The upgraded part attribute form helps designers manage all part attributes more easily, including standard attributes and user attributes, which can be edited or shared in Excel. More tools are provided for 3D annotation, including chamfer, hole callout and bounding tools. Linear dimension becomes more flexible supporting auto, horizontal or vertical methods.

MISUMI Mold Ex Press is a 3D CAD library for standard components of press die and plastic mold. According to the company, MISUMI Mold Ex Press enables users to quickly select and locate parts from more than 10,000 types of part models, reducing mold design time by 50 percent. Five-axis strategy capabilities are expanded on 5X Plane, Side and ISO cut operations. Users can now generate multiple layers of tool paths in one shot, in particularly five-axis roughing in specific cases. A customized frame function is supported in Flat Finish operation to further simplify programming.