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Digital Workshops; Booth # 2721

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SPRING Technologies’ (Cambridge, MA) will feature a Digital Workshop® with key aspects of its software suite. Among these are NCSIMUL, a CNC machine G-code verification solution; OPTITOOL, a utility to optimize cutting conditions; and NCDOC, a module to standardize shop floor documentation. The company will host guest speakers from its headquarters in France, engage attendees with interactive displays, and conduct workshops throughout the three-day event. Spring Technologies will also run one of the Knowledge Bars at imX with a program entitled, “Improve your shop savings and productivity with numerical tools”.

 NCIMUL 8.9 is a toolpath viewer and simulator based on CNC G-codes. Three-dimensional graphics help machine operators avoid crashes, optimize cutting conditions, and standardize shop floor documentation. The latest version includes 100 customer-driven enhancements.

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