Software Demonstrations Feature Simulation Tools for Analysts

Originally titled 'Software Demonstrations Feature Simulation Tools for Analysts'
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Autodesk has three demonstrations available at NPE2018 to higlight Moldflow Insight and Moldflow Helius, Moldflow for Design and Powermill.

Autodesk features three demonstration stations at NPE2018. One focuses on Moldflow Insight and Moldflow Helius, another on Moldflow for Design and the third on manufacturing.

Moldflow Insight is a complete set of plastics engineering simulation tools for analysts. Helius Composite software offers detailed information on composite material behavior without finite element analysis. Moldflow Adviser is a plastic simulation tool that optimizes part and mold designs to ensure molded part quality and manufacturability. PowerMill CAM software provides milling strategies for high-speed and five-axis machining.

PowerMill offers a comprehensive range of tools to enable the manufacturing of molds, tools and other complex shapes and is capable of driving both wire-fed and powder-blown hardware with three- and five-axis machine motion. PowerMill also provides an improved workflow for the definition of open-sided 2D features. PowerMill also includes an interface to Autodesk Fusion Production, which is a cloud-based collaboration tool specializing in scheduling and tracking production.


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