Software Decreases Movement for Smoother, More Accurate Tool Paths



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Cam-Tool by CGS North America, Inc. has improved its simultaneous five-axis conversion (auto) function. The process has been updated to decrease movement of extra axis when unnecessary. This reduced movement in the machine results in smoother, more accurate tool paths. With the ongoing movement towards the barrel cutters, the software has expanded its functionality of barrel cutters by adding 3D Offset Cutting and Curve Control Along Surface to the list of many other tool paths that support barrel and lens cutters. When it is combined with simultaneous five-axis machining, this can show large reductions in cycle times while increasing surface finish.

Improving the drilling functions has been updated with the addition of G01 cross hole drilling. G01 cross hole drilling controls the feed rate when crossing holes, and it recognizes the crossing section of previous processes and changes the feed rates accordingly. This improves deep hole drilling by reducing the feed rate only at the crossing section, while improving tool life by avoiding chipping when breaking through cross holes.

The Show tool shape for preparation of five-axis machining enables users to display the tool shape on the screen and to visualize it against their model. The tool axis direction changes the tilt and rotation angle for 3+2 machining; therefore, the direction makes work plane creation a smooth process.



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