Software Creates Environment for Postprocessing Steps

IMTS 2018: ICAM Technologies’ Adaptive Post-Processing software changes traditional CNC programming.

ICAM Technologies’ Adaptive Post-Processing software creates an integrated environment for the independent steps of postprocessing, toolpath optimization and G-code simulation. Integrating the steps together in this way can reduce NC programming and machine cycle time by up to 35 percent, the company says.

The software enables automatic tool-path corrections and simultaneous execution of the various steps in one concurrent operation. 

It reduces errors associated with the serial method of tool-path creation, postprocessing, machine simulation and G-code verification. It does this while also reducing programming time. According to ICAM, the creation of tool paths using its software eliminates the need to reprogram the part for a new target CNC machine. This frees manufacturers to choose whatever machine makes more sense at a given time and increases productivity of existing machines.

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ICAM Technologies Corporation-Canada

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