Smart Workholding Technology Enables Automated Workflow to Standardize the Manufacturing Process

FCS North America features smart work holding technology at Amerimold.
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FCS North America’s work holding technology allows quick clamping, reducing setup time, providing permanent references for reworking or changeovers and the ability to machine all five workpiece sides. According to the company, the modularity of the system allows multiple configurations for all machining processes. The standardized clamping creates the ability to evolve into automation. Implementing this system leads the workflow of mold manufacturing into a standardized production process. Benefits include virtualization of the clamping in CAD provides instructions for the workpiece setup reducing errors; flexibility and repeatability for all clamping scenarios; five workable surfaces with no obstacles; permanent references for all changeover requirements; workload optimization with accurate set up time estimation; increased spindle hours reducing machine downtime; and automated workflow to standardize the manufacturing process.






FCS North America

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