Small Mold Splitter/Tipper Has Wireless Remote Control for Safety

Wee-Split Inc.’s all-electric splitter and tipper was designed for smaller molds and comes with a handheld, wireless remote control for safety.

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Wee-Split Inc. exhibited the first all-electric, patent pending, mold splitter and mold tipper at Amerimold 2017. It was designed with the smaller mold in mind. It stands 54″ tall on leveling pads, weighs less than 1,000 lbs, and is fully controlled and safely operated with a handheld, wireless remote control. It is easy to move the machine around the shop with just a pallet jack. It has a 2,000 lb capacity for splitting and tipping. It opens to 35.5″ and closes to less than 5″. Each platen has over 2,400 lbs of holding power that are supplied by electromagnets to provide additional safety when securing the mold.