Small Diameter End Mills

Epoch Deep Evolution

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Hitachi Tool has recently introduced their new Epoch Deep Evolution Series End Mills designed for high-precision and high-speed milling of deep rib grooves, walls, slots and corners. These new small diameter square nose and ball nose end mills feature an under neck length of up to 20xD, making them ideal for deep milling applications.

The new compound neck shape of the Epoch Deep Evolution Series provides improved breakage resistance and suppresses deflection during deep milling. Available in sizes from 0.1 to 6.0mm, these new end mills feature improved diameter and radius tolerances, providing very high part accuracy in finish machining.

The ball end mills feature a high-strength flute shape for improved chip removal, and a stronger flute helix angle further improves cutting performance. The square end mills incorporate a new flute shape for improved cutting stability. 

The Epoch Deep Evolution Series features two of Hitachi Tool’s newest cutting tool coatings. The first is the ATH Coating, a multi-layered heat resistant coating with a hardness of 3800HV, compared to 2800HV of the industry-standard TiAlN coating. The ATH coated end mills provide excellent performance in materials up to 65HRC, and can mill hardened steels that are traditionally machined by EDM (electrical discharge machining).

The second new coating is Hitachi Tool’s PN Coating, a heat-resistant coating that combines excellent tool adhesion and wear resistance. The surface layer has improved lubricity, providing long cutting tool life in copper, carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels and pre-hardened steels up to 45HRC.