Slimline Curve Shrink-Fit Tool-Holder System

Slimline Curve

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Single Source Technologies (Auburn Hills, MI) offers MST’s Slimline Curve shrink-fit tool-holder systems for “2+3” and simultaneous 5-axis machining applications. The Slimline Curve’s unique design offers minimal deflection, high accuracy and extended tool life even in complicated three-dimensional applications, such as aerospace blisks and medical implants.

Slimline shrink-fit tool-holder systems feature a slim shank and rigid base with a stainless steel thermal expansion coefficient 1.6 times higher than regular steel. This design enables manufacturers to obtain up to five times the holding-power strength of conventional taper collets and accuracies within 5 microns (0.0002" TIR) in difficult-to-reach features.

Slimline shrink-fit tool-holders are available in a variety of models for optimum accuracy, sizing and reach: Slimline Curve, Mono, Uno and the two-piece system are widely used in high-performance machining applications. Geometry data is available on CD and is also accessible in the following CAM simulators: Vericut (6.2), Hypermill, Edgecam, Tebis, JBM, Work NC, G-Navi and Tools V3.