Side Gating and Valve Gate Technology

Side/Valve Gates

EWIKON (Rockford, IL) has expanded its product range for side gating and valve gate technology, focusing on expanding and optimizing the range of medical applications available for hot runners. The result is a broad range of hot runner technology tailored to meet the specific demands of the medical industry from the economic mass production of disposables to the production of demanding precision parts requiring tight processes. This makes EWIKON one of the most versatile suppliers of hot runner system solutions for this important market sector.

Ewikon’s HPS III-MH nozzle offers a versatile and cost-efficient multi-tip solution which allows direct side gating of parts, as well as very compact valve gating. All versions enable a simple mold design with no need to split the mold inserts. Additionally, the nozzle features an outstanding ease of maintenance with the possibility to access the nozzles from the mold’s parting line and to quickly exchange the tip inserts directly on the machine without dismantling the mold. A broad range of materials like PP, PE, TPE, PS, ABS, SAN, POM, PA, PET and PC can be processed. Should more durable tips be desired, molybdenum tips for the processing of reinforced materials are available.

The version for direct side gating is used successfully in applications up to 128-cavities using nozzles with up to 8 tips per nozzle in linear or radial arrangement. The linear version allows for a row arrangement which, in turn, facilitates the integration of slide mechanisms into the mold layout. The tip inserts are available with a variety of different angles. The 60° angle tip version, is especially innovative as it offers decisive advantages when molding syringes by almost eliminating the deflection of the inner core, a common problem with that type of application.

A new version of the MH Edge Gate nozzle has been designed for use in low cavity applications and is available with 1 or 2 tips per nozzle. For deep immersion applications, the main nozzle can be extended using a slim adapter nozzle to achieve the required length. As a result, when molding long slim parts additional space, e.g. for the integration of core supports or unscrewing mechanisms, becomes available in the hot half.