Shrink-Fit Cutting Tools

facemills/inserts/end mills

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The lineup of Nexus Cutting Tools from Techniks includes face mills that feature an innovative shrink-fit connection to the arbor (ShrinkMILL), indexable end mills that also can be shrink-fit into a holder (PowerLOC), and high-performance inserts for milling, turning, and boring. These new inserts feature a patented PVD application process and advanced edge geometries by Lamina Technologies that permits insert coatings up to five times thicker than current technology for greater feeds and speeds, improved surface finish and greatly extended insert life, the company states.
According to the company, ShrinkMILL technology removes the tolerance between the face mill and the arbor, and features a patented ShrinkFIT tool change, bringing the rigidity, holding power, and near-perfect runout of ShrinkFIT to face milling applications. ShrinkMILL face mills provide 30 percent better T.I.R., increased insert life, improved surface finish, (eliminate or reduce finish passes) and faster metal removal rates.
PowerLOC indexable end mills feature a shank that is manufactured to ShrinkFIT tolerances, and also has a square-end that positively engages with the toolholder body to prevent spinning the tool. Use PowerLOC end mills with a ShrinkLOC holder for maximum rigidity, accuracy, and holding power. The advantages that a ShrinkFIT connection provides (faster speeds and feeds, longer insert life, better surface finish) yield cost savings that other end mill holders cannot match.
PowerLOC end mills can also be used with a Techniks collet chuck (equipped with a PowerLOC adapter) for substantial performance gains and insert life compared to end mill holders. PowerLOC technology turns Techniks collet chucks into highly accurate milling chucks, with much greater accuracy and balance then end mill holders can provide.