Servo Valve Gate System Advances Injection Molding Process Control

Electrically driven, HRSflow’s Flexflo Evo technology is a ready-to-install system, specifically designed to set and monitor the valve pin position during the injection process.


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HRSflow door panel family mold

Introduced in early 2020, Flexflow Evo is an advancement of HRSflow’s Flexflow technology for servo-driven valve gate systems used in injection molding. The electrical technology has specifically been designed to set and monitor the valve pin position during the injection process, resulting in an accurate, easy-to-operate solution. Actuators are directly fixed on the manifold, for a quick and safe ready-to-install system on the mold, and the updated software can be easily retrofitted to all existing control units. Further, the more responsive control unit, due to an optimization of the data transfer, enables flexible 360-degree flow control and monitoring for flow rate and pressure at each individual gate during the molding process.

Flexflow Evo is complemented by the Flexflow Evo One valve gate system, which is also servo-motor driven. Instead of the usual control system, a driver module coupled to each individual nozzle takes over the task of controlling the melt flow, enabling production for molded parts with high quality.

HRSflow says that currently, the most promising application trends for the Flexflow Evo technology include family molds and back-injection of films. Companies using family molds for the simultaneous production of different parts in a single shot, HSRflow notes, will benefit from significant cost savings compared to separate production of the individual components. Further, Flexflow Evo also allows for the production of parts with significant differences in geometry and weight in one mold.