Servo Motor in Medical Mold Improves Accuracy and Cycle Times

Westminster Tool Inc.’s strategy to use a servo-driven motor as an alternative in an unscrewing mold enables a medical customer to meet cleanroom demands.


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Westminster Tool Inc. designed and built a progressive, single-cavity unscrewing medical mold that uses a servo-driven motor for a customer’s medical device. The customer’s projecta surgical device that would be molded in a cleanroom environmentrequired a threaded core feature. The hydraulic power pack that is typically required for threaded cores did not meet cleanroom requirements because of the risk of contamination. Westminster Tool’s alternative solution uses a servo motor that integrates directly into the mold and provides tighter controls, greater accuracy and improved cycle time. Westminster Tool is a complex injection mold builder specializing in medical, aerospace and consumer packaging. Westminster Tool is in Booth 252 at Amerimold 2018.