Servo Electric Valve Gate Design Minimizes Stack Heights, Simplifies Design, Improves Control

Mold-Masters’ second-generation SeVG+ motor system enhances control and precision over individual valve pins and offers users more interchangeability.


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Mold-Masters SeVG+ system

Photo Credit: Mold-Masters

Mold-Masters’ new, second-generation SeVG+ (Servo Electric Valve Gate) motor is a compact, direct drive design that has reduced stack height by 48% (at an installed height of 114 mm), simplifies mold design and offers superior process control for demanding applications.

With a footprint of 108 x 108 mm, the servo motor is interchangeable with Mold-Masters’ hydraulic actuator for added flexibility. The design itself has been made compatible with the company’s full range of valve pin diameters (2.0-9.5 mm) and incorporates integrated water-cooling channels for high-temperature applications. It is also well suited with molds utilizing magnetic clamps.

The SeVG+ motor has a simplified mold design in order to enhance performance/reliability and minimize cut-out/spare part requirements. This includes a motor with a direct drive design (meaning it does not utilize levers, gear boxes or other components to actuate the valve pin) for faster response rates and more precise movements; a single cable connection that can also swivel 180° to minimize cut-out requirements in the mold and speed up assembly times; and a valve pin that can be quickly and easily installed, or removed, without dismantling the motor from the hot runner system.

The servo-driven system provides absolute control and precision over individual valve pin opening and closing profiles, eliminating actuation variability and stabilizing the molding process for a better surface finish. User can fully adjust pin position (in increments of 0.01 mm), acceleration, velocity, stroke, timing and sequence to enhances molded part quality by controlling resin flow. Complex multi-step open/closing profiles are also made possible with up to 10 multi-step motion profiles (5 open/5 closing) that can be programmed, where each step can have individual setups. Programming these complex movements helps to eliminate visual imperfections like weld lines, hesitation marks and more.

Further, the SeVG+ maintains individual cavity shut-off capabilities. It is powered to handle large-part production and is suitable for processing demanding, rapidly freezing materials like PC where high closing forces are required for a proper gate seal. Mold-Masters’ servo motors have the additional benefit of having minimal maintenance requirements.

Mold-Masters’ SeVG+ system is compatible with all Mold-Masters hot runner systems which includes Fusion-Series G2 (drop-in system for medium to large parts), Dura+ (automotive lenses), Master-Series and Summit-Series (challenging resins). The product is available for all molding applications including large automotive and optical lenses requiring class “A” surface finishes.