Seamless CAD/CAM Workflows

seamless CAD/CAM workflow

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Autodesk and Open Mind Technologies have teamed up for seamless CAD/CAM workflows. Autodesk has certified the latest version of hyperMILL®, the CAM solution from OPEN MIND Technologies AG, for use with AutodeskInventor 2013 3D mechanical design software. The CAM software and its wide range of machining strategies and optimisation functions were once again subjected to rigorous test procedures by Autodesk, the company states. The seamless integration of hyperMILL®, including full data associativity, guarantees continuous workflows; and the combined use of both systems sets the stage for an extremely fast and fully seamless process from design right through to manufacturing, according to the company.
Features such as automatic updating of CAM operations in hyperMILL® when changes are made to the CAD models really bring out the benefits of this deep integration. The OPEN MIND CAM solution can be accessed directly from within the Autodesk Inventor 2013 user interface and both systems share the same data pool.

The Autodesk Inventor software suite offers professional solutions, from 2D and 3D mechanical design right through to digital prototyping, which enables developers to digitally design, visualise and simulate products before manufacturing them. The integration of hyperMILL® allows users to directly access the optimal machining strategy for their product in a continuous workflow using the familiar user interface of the CAD application. This ensures a seamless process from design through to machining, the company notes.