S-Pad Tooling


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S-pads from Hardinge can be shared between many brands of machines whether the master collet is mounted directly in a machine spindle (single or multiple), in a collet adaptation chuck, or in a collet block. If you work in a multi-spindle shop, you already know how much faster it is to change pads, rather than collets, from job-to-job.

The style-S master collet, although originally designed for multi-spindle automatic screw machines, offers many benefits to the CNC lathe and vertical machining center operator as well. The collet pads can be changed much quicker than a standard collet, the cost is lower, and the pads require much less storage space. Standard S-pads are hardened and ground for a long life. Semi-hard and soft emergency pads can be bored-to-size on the machine for the best possible concentricity. Hardinge, the inventor of the S-pad concept, has a dedicated S-pad manufacturing cell enabling them to maintain stock availability on more than 1000 sizes of S-pads, in a variety of styles.

Hardinge’s patented style-S pads can be changed without removing the master collet from the spindle, thus reducing changeover time. For example, on an eight-spindle automatic, all the pads can be changed in 15-30 minutes as compared to 2-3 hours that it would take to change the solid collets. Hardinge’s dovetail anchor design securely holds the pad in place, and cannot be dislodged under normal use. No other front-loading pad can make this claim. The Hardinge design eliminates any pressure on the clamp. There are no holes in the OD of the master collet, or on the ID of the pads, resulting in maximum bearing on the workpiece and the spindle collet seat.

Hardinge S-pads are available in S10 through S50 sizes to fit Hardinge style-S master collets used in screw machines and CNC lathes. Style-S master collets designed for Hardinge collet-ready CNC lathes are available in 16C, 20C, 25C, B42 and B65. Hardinge HCAC® collet adaptation chucks are available for chuck-style lathes to accept style-S master collet and pads. S-pads can also be used in the Hardinge FlexC™ collet blocks, as well as 16C collet blocks, for 3- and 4-axis milling applications. Hardinge provides stock delivery of most popular sizes, and quick turnaround for decimal sizes and specials. Pads are available in round, hexagon and square with smooth or serrated order holes, and special shapes.