Rust Preventive

White Rhino

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White Rhino from Slide Products, Inc. (Wheeling, IL) is the only rust preventive to achieve the NSF H-1 designation permitting use in operations requiring food-approved active ingredients, and contains no trichloroethylene, the company states. Offering up to two years of protection under normal operating conditions, White Rhino’s dry formulation neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-cleaning and self-healing. When applied it sets up quickly to offer immediate protection against moisture and light acids. Self-cleaning at startup, it helps maximize productivity. And it will satisfy American Institute of Baking (AIB) audit requirements.

Achieving the NSF H-1 designation is a milestone for molding operations, the company notes. White Rhino now becomes part of a family of Slide products meeting processors needs for food-approved active ingredients. Slide’s Super Grease lubricant has also acquired the NSF H-1 designation. Slide also has mold releases and mold cleaners with food-approved active ingredients.