Rust Preventative Spray Formulated With Food-Approved Active Ingredients

NSF registered H-1, Slide Products’ White Rhino is ideal for molding operations requiring food-approved ingredients, including medical molding.


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Slide Product's White Rhino rust preventative spray

Photo Credit: Slide Products Inc.

Slide Products Inc. highlights White Rhino, an NSF-registered rust preventive NSF H-1, which helps processors meet their molding requirements. Containing no trichlorethylene, the rust preventative is ideal for molding operations requiring food-grade active ingredients including medical molding, and offers up to two years of protection under normal operating conditions.

White Rhino’s dry formulation neutralizes fingerprint acids and is self-cleaning and self-healing. When applied, it sets up quickly to offer immediate protection against moisture and light acids. Maximizing productivity, White Rhino will also satisfy American Institute of Baking (AIB) audit requirements. 

White Rhino joins a wide range of Slide products which also meet processor needs for food-approved active ingredients, including Slide’s Super Grease lubricant, mold releases and mold cleaners.