Rust Preventative Provides Corrosion Protection


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Cortec developed EcoAir tool & die rust preventative to meet the needs of mold, tool and die manufacturers and end users. The rust preventative comes in a non-flammable spray can that makes it easier to use than traditional greases and shipping oils employed to protect tooling assets and all tool steels during shipping, storage and transport. The rust preventative provides corrosion protection, as well water displacement and cleaning properties for any process-related fluids remaining on molds, and it does not need to be cleaned off the mold with solvent-based removers.

The rust preventative is specifically designed for all similar tool and die applications and can also be used to clean grease, oils, adhesives and water deposits off metal surfaces; displace moisture and protect metal surfaces from corrosion; and preserve all types of carbon or ally-based steel tooling, molds, fixtures and dies long-term up to 24 months indoors.