Rust Preventative Features Indicator Dye; Booth 725

Mold Shield rust preventive.

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Available from D.W. Sales, the Mold Shield rust preventive from Slide Products delivers a dry mist that does not penetrate moving mold parts such as ejector pin holes, slides and cams. This prevents plastic part marking when molds are put back into service, the company says.
A red indicator dye enables users to see exactly where they have sprayed, what is protected and what they have missed. The non-silicone, non-wax formulation seals out condensation, neutralizes fingerprints and is self-cleaning at start-up. The rust preventative is also available without an indicator dye.

According to the company, the preventative protects for as long as two years under normal conditions. It can be used for overnight protection as well as longer-term protection of molds while in storage. 

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